In IMFICA we develop our activities  by sticking to the business  philosophy that represent  us, based on our values and quality policy, implementing and keeping us in the search for contributing to the development of the countries in which we operate.

We are compromised to be a social responsible Company with each of our shareholders. Through our leadership in quality and innovation

Some measures adopted by IMFICA.

1 – Literacy Program.

Given to the talent of the company that during their active life studies they were not able to complete their junior or high school we are given them an opportunity of to retake their studies in any of the level mentioned previously. We have graduated six promotions, starting with this project since 2007 up to now, the total investment amount is  approximately $ 65,000.00.

2 – Program to health units to communities where we operate.

We have supported health units in Guazapa, Opico with economic contributions to the hiring of personnel for the archive area. IMFICA has  supported the health unit of Opico City, since 2000 and since 2013 to the health unit in  Guazapa.  Up to now we continue with   this project and in total we have invested approximately $ 10,000.00.

3 – Scholarship program , support to the excellence.

We reward the talent and since 2013 have the extraordinary program talent of  scholarships and we annually allocate an estimated of $ 10,200.00 benefiting at  least 10 people per year.

4 – Training program for all levels.

We strengthen the powers of human talent through an annual training program according to thier needs and  this is done to reduce the gaps and further the development of our human talent.

5 – Dual formation program.

We help institutions (formation centers) who manage the programs for teenagers who do not have an economic capability, talent people is very welcome to the company for practical learning and at the end of the process they are considered potential candidates to work full time in our company.

We ensure sustainable development trying to reduce environmental impacts,  looking for an efficient use of resources throughout our operation. We promote awareness on environmental preservation and environmental care in our organization our customers and the community.

We intend to implement  positive values like:  recycling, saving water and the use of electric energy.

Some measures adopted by IMFICA.

1 – Reforestation program and sostenibility of the environment

May 3 of each year we celebrate the Day of the Cross, where we have a meeting for  Thanksgiving for  the start of the rainy season and a planting period for people who work the land. During the celebration trees are donated to human talent that has space to plant the trees. We thereby contribute to the environmental sustainability, this project started since year 2000 and every year we are  still doing it.

2 – Recycling program.

The field in which we belong (steel processing) industry is considered a kind industry which allows to recycle almost all waste from the production process. We have a recycling program from the most simple (paper, solid waste, organic and non-organic, etc.) to the production process coming from waste (residuals  and ash steel of the galvanizing process, etc.)

IMFICA strives to be an economically healthy company that provides security and confidence to their employees while we make an effort to contribute financially with donations to various institutions and likewise through a union  to our employees in financial terms, promoting savings, investment, purchases and loans with benefits well above the average that could be found  in the formal market.

Some measures adopted by IMFICA.

1 – Various donations: We have a program of various donations, we  evaluate the purpose of the donation and we give the contribution to different.

2 – ACOAL union employees: We have  supported the initiative in the creation and maintenance of the union of this is intended for savings, credit and consumption and the purpose is to comply with the necessities that our employees  meet day to day. It was created in 2008. IMFICA supports  with material and financial resources.

3 – Employees transportation: IMFICA as we always worry about the economic well-being and physical safety of our  personnel, it has the availability of transportation by picking up  people at a specific point and then they are taken to their work place and then bringing them back to the starting point once they have finished their labor day.  By doing this activity we guarantee the security of our employees and the saving for their transportation.

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