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Parrafo 1 Innovar en la transformacion del acero

Innovate in the transformation of steel and design to provide a solution is fundamental part of our philosophy in IMFICA. Through our products/services and our technique of galvanizing immersion by heat we contribute to the development of the countries of the region.

We make sure that  each of our production processes  has the necessary and required quality and ensure its sustainability as the  time goes by , because that way  we see our growth parallel to  the growth of our customers together.

Parrafo 2 Nusetra Planta de Producction

Our production plant, main facilities and administrative office has an extension of nearly 20 acres of land located in the paracentral area of ​​the country, El Salvador, logistic point of preference for easy connection with the rest of Central America.

Our plant has an efficient manufacturing system that seeks to fulfill every day a special mission: promote all projects to success. We began our journey 34 years ago, when our founders had a vision of a company that could help the growth and development of our country, driving the metalworking industry towards sustainable development.

Parrafo 3 Cada Proyecto desarrollado dentro de IMFICA

Within each project we develop at IMFICA it has its start through the design department, they are in charge of doing structural plans under the requirements of our customers, or review carefully all the structures when the design is given in advance through an advanced software system that

allows the designer to draw, calculate the material and model structures in 3D. After this, the work plans are detailed and templates are sent to production.

The logistic of our production processes is intelligently designed so that provides the ease of managing talent and organize their actions to contribute to the continuous flow of the plant.

Steel manipulation is performed according to safety rules, traffic signs and the necessary ventilation, inside IMFICA we have enough space in our 7 industrial buildings where we develop each of the processes.


Parrafo 4 Nuestros Productos

Our products are suitable for every need, either regionally or globally. In metallic structures (IMFICA) we can mention telephony towers and structures for electrical sub stations both with their respective fittings. Besides we have walkways or overpass bridges for pedestrians, bridges, bus stops, works for Protecting road signs that meet international regulations for the use in the city and on highways, roads defenses to high resistance, containers  and agro business feeding cages.

We are specialists in the technique of galvanization by heat immersion, assembly and the installation of huge structures.

The quality and efficiency of our products demand the same importance.

That’s why we concentrate our best efforts and professionalism in providing quality to each manufacturing processes until the delivery and installation of our finished products.

Together with our technical and management talent, we IMFICA, creators of integral solutions, a team that surpasses any kind of obstacles in order to fulfill the commitment that make us being together with  our customers.


More than a company that makes huge extraordinary jobs, we are also a large family with more than 300 talents who are constantly trained to have specialists in each of the areas that make up IMFICA.

We are a family that always get together to provide the best.

The strength of our efforts, the quality of our metal structures, the expertise in making large projects, the professionalism of our talents and steady development of the region are key to our success, which inspires us to seek more challenges to expand our services in other horizons.

Because each of our products / services, the passion lives …. IMFICA steel is the solution.

(Español) 1981 Nace IMFER

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(Español) 1993 IMFER

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(Español) 1996 ​IMFICA

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(Español) 1999 Nuevo Local

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(Español) 2006 Filiales

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(Español) 2007 Nueva Planta

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(Español) 2015 Energía Renovable

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