Electronic journals DELSUR Report – EPM.

Electronic journals DELSUR Report – EPM.


The last September IMFICA makes first presence in electronic media worldwide through a printed letter sent by General Management DELSUR which reports that this agency will be conducting an interview in the magazine www.businessreviewamericalatina.com y www.energydigital.com; where the presence of IMFICA can be constituted as strategic suppliers within its supply chain DELSUR is necessary.

The announcement includes the prestige of the brand IMFICA framing its regional character, positioning the slogan: Quality in steel processing, as the main point within the spot, are also presented on the 5 lines of products / services to each of their respective bullets that They are representing them; within the ad referring to the management of steel on a world map of America has forged in galvanized steel it is made.

Both magazines, enjoy excellent reputation worldwide and are aimed to professionals, entrepreneurs who every month receive virtual magazines through a APP that directly store their equipment smart enabling display content seamlessly and have it to the time they needed. Each of the magazines has more 1.5 million monthly readers who seek them world-class suppliers that meet their needs.

Thus IMFICA extends its borders and aims to conquer new challenges, appearing before a business world for which there are no limits and that increasingly demands more commitment from the suppliers, who must meet their expectations by presenting the best solutions to the current and future needs.

Neftali Acevedo.
Corporate marketing.

Link: http://goo.gl/QbIyzb

2nd Regional congress of energy.

2nd Regional congress of energy.

Congreso Energia PORTADA

Last  August 19, 20 and 21st took place  the 2nd regional congress  of energy and was  developed by  Industrial Association El Salvador (ASI) and the main objectives pursued the conference were: to promote the space to raise the discussion of theme of energy to its highest level of the region, 2) to present the latest technological developments in the regional electricity market 3) to position renewable energy, savings and efficiency within the country , under the above assumptions, IMFICA was present  at the conference presenting their 5 lines of products / services

  1. T & D Solutions.
  2. Telecommunications.
  3. Renewable energy.
  4. Industrial ships.
  5. Urban infrastructure.

With which once considered as the best provider of comprehensive and innovative steel solutions for the sectors of energy, telecommunications and general industry. In the development of the congress was counted with the sales department participation represented by Bachelor. Karen Villegas and Engineer. Carlos del Valle who established contact with more than  40 entrepreneurs who manifested and  see  IMFICA as the best support to develop their projects, because the company  is considered as referent  quality in Central America due to its experience of over 34 years.

During the 3 days of the congress various consultations to entrepreneurs, buyers, customers, students and the general public  were provided  the general public about  issues in which  IMFICA team has great expertise and  they were provided and samples of admiration were received  by the trajectory of the company and praise to attendees participants  toward being part of a world-class company.